Important Questions to Ask while Hiring a Good Real Estate Agent in Surrey

Find local real estate agents who can help with the sale before you list your house or go out to purchase a new one. They are in the business of assisting people in buying and selling houses and monitoring real estate trends. It is important to be aware of how to locate a real estate agent if you are looking for a new home. You have a few options for locating a local real estate agent, regardless of your situation—first-time seller or first-time buyer. Let’s have a quick overview on questions to ask while hiring a good real estate agent in Surrey and what to expect from them.

Important questions to ask while hiring a good real estate agent in Surrey

Before they begin assisting you with your house hunt, you should ask a real estate agent a number of questions! What services do you provide? Different needs apply to different buyers and sellers. Hence, some real estate agents may focus more on selling than on purchasing and vice versa. Describe the kind of representation you offer. In different phases, representation takes many different shapes. Well, some brokers work as neutral third parties to arrange transactions. Some of them represent buyers, others represent sellers, and occasionally, several salespeople within the same company may work for different parties in a transaction.

Ask them about what practical experience do you have in my neighborhood. Find out how successful they have been in your neighborhood, both buying and selling. Be open about asking what price will you set for my house. Find out what comparable homes are now available and what previous sales have been. It is okay if you talk with many real estate brokers and their price predictions are different. Just make sure you find out how they arrived at their estimates and why they believe your house would sell for a particular amount.

You should also investigate about how will my house be marketed. Brokers will go to great lengths at listing presentations on how they market houses, what tactics have been successful in the past, and what might work for yours. The market determines brokerage fees; laws and regulations do not. The agent charges you a commission to handle your transaction. Find out whether there are any additional expenses you will need to pay. This includes with an MLS charge, marketing fee, early cancellation fee, or any other expense not covered by the commission rate.

What to expect from an experienced real estate agent?

The moment a real estate agent lists your presale townhomes Surrey; they will start marketing it in line with the most customs in your neighborhood. As the marketing process develops and as expressions of interest are received, a real estate agent updates you. Make sure you say which way you would rather communicate. There are some clients who only want to be called or meet in person. But others may rather receive emails or SMS. For whatever reason, it’s preferable to set such expectations upfront so that everyone is working toward well-defined goals. For purchasers, it is the same. Buyers and their agents meet frequently to view houses and provide input on those they have previously seen; hence, communication is important.

Tell your agent if you prefer to correspond by text messaging. Not everyone finds all kinds of communication to be appropriate. Ensure your agent interacts with you in a manner that suits you. Every client should share expectations of professionalism. That implies that you have to anticipate the same from a real estate agent, as they will constantly expect you to be on time. Recall that whether you are buying or selling, the real estate agent represents you throughout the process. Your agent becomes your face, your voice, and your protector against everyone involved in the complex process of buying or selling a house once you have engaged with one to represent you.

Finding a qualified Surrey real estate agent: Helpful tips to follow

Ask friends and family to suggest a real estate agent they’ve dealt with and found satisfactory. Bankers of mortgages and title officers are further sources of recommendations. Look up and evaluate possible candidates appearing for condos for sale in Surrey. Scan through the websites and online reviews on the active social media accounts. Figure out the prospective real estate agents to determine their internet presence. Find out whether your prospective agent is licensed. In case of disciplinary problems, you should contact the real estate regulation in your state.

Talk with three real estate agents at least. You will learn the real estate agent’s philosophy, background, preferred communication style, and availability during an interview. The chosen agent will gain insight into your requirements, expectations, and budget from the conversation as well. Making at least three interviews with real estate brokers can help you select the best. Jotting down any questions you might have is a good way to get ready ahead. Take note of your instincts. You should follow your gut even if an agent satisfies every other need. The most important thing is to pick an agent you feel comfortable with because the transaction will affect you greatly.

Verify the references of the agent. Find out from the agent details on the properties and clients they worked with the year before. To discover how those clients felt working with the agent, you can then give them a call. Before you sign, go over the contract very carefully. The contract should include all that you have decided upon. Always verify that the agreement’s terms, the agent’s responsibilities, and his commission rate are specified. For your requirements, a contract of no more than six months should be ideal.


Hiring a real estate agent can save your life in real estate transactions, even though some buyers and sellers choose to go without one. A real estate agent guards you against fraudulent activity, legal issues, and outrageous costs. They eventually help you with pricing of single family homes for sale in Surrey, legal paperwork, property searches, value assessments, house staging, networking, and time management.